Our range of juice (e-liquid if you prefer)

We have one of the largest range of juices of any vape shop in the Derby area. The range is ever-evolving with new juices coming in every week.

We carry all of the big brand stuff - Dinner Lady, Zeus Juice, etc as well as the Just Jam range and Puff Dragon (our higher nicotine range).

We even have our own range of juice, available with 0 nicotine (just add nicotine shot to suit) made by our friends over at Vapey Jacks. We've worked with them to produce a range of great flavours such as:

- Sapple (caramel apple)

- Custard Cream 

- Vanilla

- Sweet Tobacco (slightly caramel tobacco flavour - great for ex-smokers)

Vaperscape juices are very competitively priced and have a very loyal following - the flavours speak for themselves.

We also carry Vapey Jacks Horny Horse Sauce (HHS) range which again, is a value product but great quality.