It can be quite daunting to get into vaping. There appears to be lots of options, lots of people with strong opinions and it may all seem to complicated. The reality is that there are lots of options but it really depends on your own needs as to what the best option is - that's where we can come.

Because experienced vapers are often very enthusiastic, they can be guilty of forgetting that they usually started out with a simple pen with relatively high nicotine juice as this is likely to be the best initial transition from a cigarette. As you adjust to this new way of smoking you may then move onto lower nicotine juices and different vape devices but EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. There really isn't a 'one-sized fits all' for vaping - it comes down to your your preferences.

At Vaperscape we pride ourselves on advising you on what's right for you - not what we want to sell you, not what works best for us but what works best for you. We'll then advise you along the way in terms of juices and devices so get you off those cigarettes.

Many of our customers have become friends because of this approach. We've helped lots of people make the change and we can help you.

What is a mod?

A mod is really just a battery and the controls to change the settings. A 'mech' mod is typically for more advanced vapers and is basically a tube for a battery which has a direct connection to the coil. There are no real safety controls in there so they're not for beginners. For that reason, we do not usually sell mech mods.

We only sell mods which are CE approved so have a full warranty and are, where applicable, compliant with the various regulations (e.g. TPD).

We have a wide range from beginner starter pens right through to relatively high-end stuff such as Lost Vape. 

What is a tank?

You have heard people talking about sub-ohm and RTA, etc. It all sounds quite daunting and over-complicated. At first, it is but once you're familiar with the kit that is right for you it really is very simple - that's what we help you with.

An ex-smoker does not typically want or need a sub-ohm tank. Eventually many people do end up with these as there are a wide range of flavours and air flow, etc but for most ex-smokers they need something that is as close to a cigarette as possible. This is known as a mouth-to-lung tank - quite a tight draw (limited airflow) to give the same sensation as a cigarette. These types of tanks also typically user thinner, higher nicotine juices - again, to be close to the hit you get from a cigarette.

Sub-ohm (which just means the coil is less than one ohm - more on that later...) is really about volume. These are the guys that produce quite a bit more vaper. At first it looks silly but in reality, it's a larger volume of vaper, more flavour and a satisfying cloud. Obviously there's a limit, some clouds are just too much, but many ex-smokers end up with this type of equipment. 

What is a coil?

The coil is simply a piece of wire to which electricity is supplied - same as a lightbulb basically. Cotton holds the juice so when the coil heats-up it gets vaporised for you to inhale. This is very different to a cigarette which actually combusts creating over 4500 chemicals - this is one of the reasons why caping is much safer. There are much fewer chemicals at play being heated in a much less dangerous fashion.

You can by pre-built coils so you can just replace them or buy a tank that allows you to build your own coils. It really comes down to personal preference as to which suits you the best.